Instagram Ads: Creating Advertising Campaigns and Why to Rely On Professionals

Date : Jan 28 , 2023 | Digital Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among young users. If you have a company whose buyer personas (or typical buyers) are mainly users under the age of thirty, you cannot miss this opportunity. Increasing your audience means having a better chance of finding the right audience for your company.

How to create advertising campaigns on Instagram?

To create Instagram Ads, you need to access a special Facebook tool: the Business Manager. Inside, you will find a specific panel for advertisers where you can establish your goals and your audience and determine the positioning of the ads. Furthermore, for each advertisement, you can customize both the copy and the creatives. After setting these parameters, you can establish a budget to invest in the advertising campaign you want to launch. Let’s see these steps in detail.

  1. Connect Instagram profile- To access the Business Manager; you must necessarily connect the Instagram profile. Once inside, just click on the “Create” button and start setting the parameters.
  2. Set goals- The first is the campaign goal. You can choose from three main areas: awareness (brand, i.e. what gives value to your company and reach to make people seek out more about your brand), consideration (traffic, engagement, app install, video view, and generation of contacts) and conversion (conversions through Call To Actions and sale of catalogue products).
  3. Choose the target audience – After having established the objectives, the right target must be set in order to obtain the best performance from Instagram Ads. To do this, you need to enter the personal information of your target audience. This will allow the powerful Instagram algorithm to make your business or specific offer/information appear to the audience you want. To set the target, you need to set, in a simple way, seven different parameters.
  4. Placement of ads- The next step is the placement of the ads, and Instagram allows you to place them in many places: feed (news section), the most visited; stories; explore section, based on personal interests; IGTV.
  5. Establishing Budget– After setting all these parameters, you need to establish the budget to invest in the campaign. Although Instagram’s prices are higher than other social networks, the advantages of its ads are many, such as advanced targeting; higher engagement rates; greater propensity of users to purchase; the greater curiosity of users towards brands. You can rely on the best digital marketing company in noida to help you to invest your budget effectively.

Once the campaign has been launched, all that remains is to monitor the results and performance of the Instagram Ads. The Business Manager provides a useful and complete section for campaign monitoring and data analysis.

Why rely on digital marketing experts for the creation of Instagram advertising campaigns

In terms of advertising, Instagram Ads are a great investment. In fact, several studies and researches argue that brands that invest in advertising on Instagram obtain interesting benefits in terms of notoriety and conversions. If you don’t want to carry out this activity yourself, or you don’t have the right skills, you could think of entrusting this service to a professional digital marketing agency in noida with long experience in the sector and a highly qualified team, which will design and implement professional Instagram Ads strategies and will help you run successful campaigns.

Relying on a strategic and operational digital marketing company in noida that deals with developing targeted marketing strategies for your target, as well as achieving the goals you set for your company during the strategic phase, is the ideal solution. 

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