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Google Advertising Agency in India

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Create a Google Ads with help of TLS Technology

Do you want to be instantly visible in Google search results and generate profitable qualified traffic? So look no further and call on a Google Ads agency-certified Google Partner. TLS Technology experts remain attentive to your needs and master all acquisition levers related to paid referencing and online advertising.

TLS Technology has solid experience in setting up, optimizing, and monitoring googleads campaigns. Paid referencing can be used in addition to the natural referencing services we offer because it relies on the use of keywords specific to your strategy to obtain better visibility and notoriety.

Why advertise Google Ads?

Implementing a traffic and/or conversion acquisition strategy and working on your presence on google ads/ Adwords with the help of a specialized agency, such as TLS Technology, has many advantages:

  • Increase brand awareness: Google Ads, in addition to improving traffic, clicks, and conversions, are used to increase awareness of a brand. The Google Display Network connects you with customers in the right place and time on different websites around the world. Use placement targeting to reach your audience.
  • Outperform your competition in the Google SERP - You can choose automated bidding strategies to meet your goals and outperform your competitors' ads.
  • Influence the purchase decision: with the Remarketing tool, you can show targeted ads to those who have visited your site to lead them to the final purchase of your product/service.
  • Test, test, test: A/B test in Google ad sense to improve important metrics like CTR and CR. Test different campaigns to see which works best.
  • Create strategic campaigns based on user demographics: Examine your audience to understand age range, gender, origin, etc., and improve your strategy aimed at increasing the conversion rate.
  • Plan your campaigns to reach your audience at the right time: Decide the time and day you want your ads to run based on your market niche, the products/services you offer, and the results you've achieved in previous months.
  • Manage advertising costs accurately: You have the possibility to set a maximum daily cost. This way, you will never go over your budget.
  • Evaluate the results achieved: with Google Analytics; you can accurately evaluate the results achieved so far with campaigns and advertisements.

The types of advertisements offered by our Google Ads agency

Our Google advertising agency offers you different types of campaigns adapted to your needs and objectives. Here is a detail of each type of google advertising campaign that we can put online for your business.

  • Search network: ad delivery timing : The search network is the most common type of broadcast. It allows you to broadcast ads via the search for keywords of Internet users and, therefore, to be present at each of their requests concerning your activity. The search network involves the use of keywords and their variations. The arrival of responsive ads is also an asset for creating ad variations and being able to evaluate the most successful associations.
  • The display: the power of the Google network : On the other hand, the display is a network of advertisements via the Google network in the format of banners, texts, or videos. It allows you to reach a large number of users and is particularly useful for increasing your brand's notoriety and e-reputation.
  • Remarketing (RLSA): low-cost conversion : Remarketing, or RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads), allows you to target Internet users who have already visited your website. This allows you to reach Internet users who are already aware of your brand or your products and services. It's a campaign that aims to generate conversions at a low cost: ideal for your ROI.
  • Google Shopping: site advertising begins : Do you have an e-Commerce site? Google Shopping is for you. It is an ad format highlighting your products with images, prices, and customer reviews. Everything is broadcast to the right target and at the right time. This allows users to find exactly what they are looking for and therefore increase your conversions.

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