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Web Designing & Development Training Course in India

Join web designing course in India at TLS Technology for having profession of Web Designer

Has Web Design always fascinated you, and would you like to work in this sector? Or do you simply want to be able to develop your website yourself? Our web designing training and courses at TLS Technology were created to provide skills in the field of web design. Our web designing course prepares for the profession of Web Designer, capable of creating pages and websites of different types, from blogs to e-commerce sites.

The web designing training lessons are divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the first theoretical part, the elements of a web page and the criteria for choosing fonts and colors will be studied in depth. In the practical part, you will gradually learn HTML and CSS, together with various tools, to be able to independently create web pages and their various graphic elements: buttons, banners, logos, backgrounds, etc. in Delhi NCR, India

To allow maximum professional flexibility and not force users to use paid products, all topics are taught using open-source products and Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The topics addressed concern the basics of the code, therefore, how to create a structure in HTML and customize it with CSS style rules; we will then introduce the graphic editing tools that allow the creation of graphic material for the site, and finally, we will see how to create a website in WordPress.

Our web designing course in noida aims to provide students with the necessary skills to start a job in web agencies and communication studios after learning the basics of web design and the most used tools. The recipients of our web designing training and courses are people who want to enrich their skills or start a career in the field of Web Design from scratch. A field with a high employment rate.

Objectives of our web designing training and courses

With our technical-practical web designing course online, you will learn to develop modern and responsive design websites. You will be able to design user interfaces that are engaging and easy to navigate and, above all, optimized to make the user convert towards the business goal. A perfect mix between

  • Technical skills through the use of frameworks and programming languages. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript;
  • graphic and web design skills through learning the best graphics tools;
  • Thanks to the notions of UX and UI Design, logical and design skills will allow you to choose the right combination of colors, the best arrangement of the elements on the web page, the perfect positioning of calls to action, and much more.

With our web designing course in delhi, you will acquire skills that will give you the possibility to obtain the international certifications, Information Technology Specialist for the use of the following programming languages:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS

For both certifications, there are simulators that will help you practice.

Become a Web Designer with TLS Technology’s web designing training and courses

Design is a key part of site design. A real business card is the first point of contact with customers. Website development must be aimed at making web pages fast, easy to navigate, and accessible from any device; therefore, it must be perfectly visible from desktops, tablets, and smartphones to avoid losing user conversion. During our web design and development course, the various stages of development of a web interface will be addressed:

  • Briefing with the customer and assignment of roles to the various components of a development team; Analysis and design, the definition of information architecture ;
  • Prototype creation, usability test, and review with the customer;
  • Fine-tuning operations and creation of graphic files for the development department.

Within the training platform, in addition to video lessons and exercises, you will find an active community made up of expert teachers and fellow trainees who are always ready to exchange views, even after the course. A stimulating environment for your growth and continuous training.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in a web designing course near me and get ready to learn to design and develop websites, portals, and web applications, taking care of the graphic aspect, ease of navigation, and compatibility with various devices with the aim of making the User Experience perfect, i.e., the user's stay on the site with TLS Technology.

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