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Web Designing

Tls Technology Creating a productive website begins with determining the company's goals, the specifics of its products or services, the target audience, and a unique selling proposition. Then, together with the customer, a technical task is formed where the requirements for the future site are prescribed in detail. At TLS technology, we will create a website of any complexity for your tasks. From a landing page to a full-fledged corporate website or online store.

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Web Development

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TLS technology is engaged in the professional development of websites of any complexity, taking into account the needs and specifics of the Client's business. We offer a full package of web development services, from business idea development to site administration and SEO promotion. Long-term results and constant growth are important to us, so the development team will consider all your wishes and current trends and offer the best option for your company.

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Digital Marketing

Everything has moved online as marketing has changed over time. A person uses the internet or social media for more than 3 hours on average. We TLS technology specialize in digital marketing and can assist you in analyzing your business plan to find more effective methods of online content promotion. Every customer receives a personalized marketing plan that is appropriate for their industry. Using specialist methods, we can assist you in enhancing your online performance and expanding the audience to which you are accessible. With the help of our digital marketing services, you can grow your company and enter new markets.

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Build Your Team

Teams at TLS Technology consist of highly skilled software developers with years of experience developing unique software for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

We have top-tier senior software engineers available to help you complete your software development projects swiftly and effectively. Hire a software development team comprising the top 1% of the worldwide IT talent pool. You can rest assured that you will always receive high-quality, innovative solutions as part of your business's digital transformation.

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Event Promotions

To ensure the success of any corporate event, it is essential to attract the target demographic. Because of their ability to attract a large audience and generate sales, online events have become increasingly common in recent years. Just because you've created something of high quality doesn't mean buyers would rush to buy it in droves. Getting people to buy your stuff is a very different ballgame in the digital sphere. Acquiring an audience entails more than just securing buyers for a product; it also requires targeting the appropriate individuals at the right time. This is the essence of the ideal audience acquisition service.

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Training & Courses

Do you already have good Digital Advertising skills, but would you like to reach a higher level to manage more complex projects and aim for TOP performance for digital marketing campaigns? We are the best digital marketing institute in delhi, among the most recognized, quoted, and appreciated. The ongoing highly positive feedback from our trainees continues to fuel our high reputation, probably the best in the market.

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Our Digital Marketing Process Our Digital Marketing Process in Delhi ncr, India, Tls technology

Our Portfolio

Our company has been increasing the success of our clients for many years, specializing in creating, modernization, supporting, and promoting websites, online stores, and portals. See portfolio for examples of completed work.

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  • Habibs in Delhi ncr, India, Tls technology
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Customer Reviews


    Tyagi Firasat

    Best google ads services

    One of the best google ads services we got,TLS technology is an amazing company for digital marketing and website development i loved it.staff is very humble and support is awesome whenever you will ask anything instantly they respond


    Ac Service

    Good social media marketing and SEO

    TLS technology gives good social media marketing and SEO services to my business. I m extremely happy with their services and still continuing with tls. I highly recommend to any businessman/entrepreneur.


    Tanweer Ahmed

    360 degree marketing strategy

    TLS technology built my website and did website seo. I'm really happy with the way TLS has done all the work. I'm quite happy with there 360 degree marketing strategy really helped me to build my business.


    Dell Exclusive

    Best Digital Marketing Services

    One of the best Digital Marketing Services we got we did social media marketing and website development work from TLS technology and they did it like a pro


Why choose TLS Technology rather than another web agency?

All our websites are made with care. Graphics are searched for the image you want to present and searched in your activity area. We research the market and offer you a customized website tailored to your business. Your website will be optimized for natural referrals so that future customers can easily find it on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Your website will be delivered on a turnkey basis and perfectly adapted to the search engine's requirements for optimal placement in the search results.

How is the site design project going?

Send us all the information needed to design your website (texts, images, and logo, if any). Select relevant information to include on your site and submit your form. After checking your site's graphics, you can program and test your site thanks to Private Access. When the site suits you, we will bring it online.

How long does website development take?

You can make a custom website in at least two weeks, a maximum of a year. The launch of the project is sometimes delayed due to the customer himself, who does not give feedback, coordinates the structure or design for too long, and does not provide content.

The production time for a site with minimal functionality is about ten days. If you decide to order the creation of an online store, be prepared for the fact that the work will take several months. Multifunctional portals of state institutions and marketplaces are classified as technically complex projects, so they develop for about a year.

Do you provide website maintenance?

After the launch of the site, we offer to conclude a technical support agreement: our specialists will continue to monitor the performance of the resource and its content.

How can we define SEO?

It is an effective way to use various strategies to optimize the positioning of a site or a shop via search engines. This advertising setup is based on two techniques that are independent of each other, but their actions complement each other. Natural referencing aims to greatly improve a website's placement on the various search engines available to Internet users, including Google and Yahoo. Registering the site on these numerous engines is necessary to begin improving the positioning. The latter is based on two steps, the search for optimized content and the implementation of net linking consisting of creating various external links directing Internet users to the site in question. The second strategy consists of setting up sponsored links to increase advertising, in particular by using Google Adwords. The latter offers the possibility of buying keywords.

Why pay for SEO if the queries are already in the TOP?

If the resource is not properly maintained, positions may soon fall. Properly performed site optimization will allow it to stay at the top all the time. Another advantage of consistent site optimization is an increase in conversions and an increase in hits.

Does digital marketing work for all businesses? B2B and B2C?

The answer is yes! All companies, regardless of their field of activity, are interested in having an Internet presence. However, the digital marketing strategies needed for success on the web vary from business to business. For example, B2B companies are more interested in focusing on certain networks than others. Go to Instagram and Snapchat, where your customers are waiting.

Conversely, a business blog that provides accurate, professional information about your solution and results is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and attract buyers to your solution.

In B2C, for example, you need to acquire customers quickly by offering things like limited-time products and offers. Social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can be interesting tools in this case.

Do you need a large digital marketing budget?

It obviously depends on your goals and objectives and what you want to achieve with your digital marketing.

If you have a limited budget, you can work on your visibility on the Internet, thanks to the development of a corporate blog.

You will increase your SEO and will then be able to distribute your articles on social networks and through a Newsletter. If you decide to insource this work, the only investment you will need is time.

On the other hand, if you want to set up sponsored campaigns such as the purchase of keywords, you will be in competition with other advertisers, and bids can climb quickly depending on your sector of activity.

Where can I start marketing my business on social media?

Our social media marketing services allow you to launch campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

We specialize in these platforms due to their popularity among today's consumers. Many other social media platforms are available, such as Snapchat, but we believe that Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer the most value to our customers.

Why rely on a professional social media agency like TLS Technology?

If you are looking for social media marketing agencies and companies, there are many compelling reasons to partner with a social media marketing agency. They provide dozens of benefits to your business and your team and can make or break your campaign. Here are the top 5 Reasons why you should rely on professional social media experts at TLS Technology

  • Gain advanced experience
  • Maximize internal resources
  • Access to advanced marketing software
  • Better time management
  • Increase your ROI in social media marketing with TLS Technology Social Media Experts.

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