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Responsive Websites

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Are you wondering about a redesign of your site to adapt it to mobile? Responsive websites technology makes it possible to automatically adapt the content of a website to the resolution of the screen that displays it. Your website conforms to the available space for maximum ease of use.

Responsive web design is, for companies, a way of relating to customers through all existing devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). One of the many benefits of responsiveness is the improvement of the User Experience. What, until recently, was a simple suggestion has now become a "must have" useful for increasing the profits of your business.

Now more than 50% of the population uses their smartphone to access the internet, so a responsive site has become a priority for your business to grow on the web. Our clients have all had a dramatic improvement in the quality of leads and conversion of leads to customers by switching to a responsive website.

What are the advantages of a responsive + mobile site?

A responsive site is mobile friendly website and is particularly recommended for companies targeting an individual target. Whether for an e-commerce site or a business site looking for contacts from individuals (BtoC). For a professional blog, it is a must to become indispensable.

Are you considering a redesign to a responsive site?

If a responsive site already brings you many intrinsic benefits, a redesign can multiply the benefits. As long as you redesign a site, you might as well optimize it for the following:

Remember that designing a responsive + mobile website is not easy for everyone. This requires technical know-how in development, code, testing, SEO knowledge, and more. The creation of an optimized professional website generally takes several months, and the cost in terms of time and the purchase of plugins and/or CMS and templates (if necessary) is high. At TLS Technology, we offer formulas adapted to your needs. The development is done on WordPress, and you can have your site in a few weeks. You can choose your design from many options to have the perfect showcase for you. Result: a modern, professional and SEO-optimized responsive website.

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