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Whatsapp SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing: the most effective communication strategy for your business!

Bulk WhatsApp Features:

The SMS is undoubtedly one of the most innovative tools in the history of communication. And although it has now been used for over a decade, its revolutionary scope and usefulness remain current: even today, in fact, we speak of "SMS marketing " as an effective commercial strategy.

With an SMS database of over 10 million contacts, TLS Technology is the ideal partner to promote your company effectively! Ordering a WhatsApp SMS marketing service in our digital marketing agency means significantly increasing consumer loyalty and increasing the sales growth. If your business has yet to use this marketing method, then you will tell why it is needed and why it cannot be excluded from the marketing mix.

A professional mass whatsapp SMS marketing service in the TLS Technology marketing and advertising studio will allow you to bypass competing companies at the lowest possible cost. We organize for you the distribution of all types of messages at minimum rates, which are negotiated individually based on your needs. After sending an SMS, our team generates and sends you a full report on the results of the service.

Why rely on SMS marketing

SMS advertising campaigns fall within the more general sector of the so-called " mobile marketing": as we have said, SMS exploits the possibility of reaching people everywhere precisely and immediately.

And despite the advent of new media, the opening and receiving rate of text messages is still very high: sending text messages to cell phones means reaching contacts in 99% of cases, given that everyone has a cell phone (many have a smartphone). The whatsapp SMS marketing has the following features:

SMS marketing, therefore, is an excellent communication tool and allows companies to expand their earning potential, reaching contacts already acquired and expanding their business with a limited investment.

Why choose TLS Technology for whatsapp SMS marketing service?

TLS Technology guarantees that the messages will be delivered to the recipients within the time specified. Each client has its own statistics, thanks to which you can quickly track the SMS message process. So what are you waiting for? Contact TLS Technology now for high-quality whatsapp SMS marketing services.

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